Judge Feigenbaum Speaks at Museum Meeting Jan 8th, 2019

Judge Feigenbaum talking to our monthly meeting 1-8-19
Judge Feigenbaum received award from John Brinkley, President 1-8-19
A very informative meeting was held at the museum on January 8th. Our speaker was Judge Bryan Feigenbaum who spoke on the subject of Veterans Court now operating in Volusia County. Veterans sometimes require special handling in court cases due to their involvement with their military service. The Veterans Court is not any kind of a “free ride”, but rather a detailed examination of each case to see if certain requirements, such as counseling, probation, community service or other special treatments could apply instead of jail time. The idea has worked out well. Most of the veterans going through the court have not violated their requirements and have not committed any further crimes. Judge Feigenbaum was commended for his participation in this veterans benefit and was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the museum by its president, John Brinkley.

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