Our Museum Passes the 11,000. Visitor Mark

It’s official, we have tallied up the number of visitors for 2019 and it comes to over 5,500. that number added to the previous total in November, 2018 of 5,000, plus December 2018, becomes a grand total of over 11,000. visitors to the museum over the past three years. We can be proud of our accomplishments. Our volunteers have done an incredible job of designing, installing and maintaining our exhibits. More and more people are discovering our beautiful museum and they are telling their friends. The word is starting to get out that this is the place to visit.  Our visitor count continues to grow each month and now averages over 500 per month. Congratulations to us all and we wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year. As we enter the new decade of 2020 we do so with enthusiasm and hope for even bigger things to come. We wish our volunteers, supporters and friends the happiest and healthiest of New Years.  Bob Hawes, Curator

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