New Exhibit – American Arms

A new exhibit for 2020 has been placed in the museum entitled: “American Arms”, a display of the rifles and pistols of the American Military. On display is a Flintlock rifle of the the Revolutionary War, a Percussion Cap rifle of the Mexican-American War of 1848, a Percussion Cap rifle used by both sides of the Civil War, a “Trapdoor” rifle used by General Custer and in the Indian wars, a “Rolling Block” rifle used by the United States Navy, a Krag-Jorgenson rifle used in the Spanish-American War of 1898, a 1903 model Springfield used in WWI and throughout the 20th century as a training and sniper rifle. Finally the legendary M1 of WWII and Korea fame. The pistols include a Flintlock model from the Revolutionary war, a percussion cap model used in the Civil War, a black powder 6-shooter also used by US cavalry. Finally the “Peacemaker”, legendary pistol of the US cavalry and every sheriff and outlaw in the “Old West”. We are hopeful to expand this exhibit in the future as donations and finances permit.

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