D-Day Normandy Landings 75th Anniversary Event

The Museum was host to over 50 visitors who came to see and hear two survivors of the Normandy D-Day landings on its 75th anniversary. Tom Murphy and Chris Kosuto, both survivors of the landings spent over an hour talking about their experiences. Tom Murphy was a coxswain on a Higgins landing craft ferrying soldiers from ship to shore. Chris Kosuto was a machine gunner on a half track going to join Patton’s
3rd Army. both kept the audience spellbound with their stories of the greatest military invasion ever. They received a standing ovation and the thanks of both fellow veterans and the public that had come to see the event. We are indebted to both of them for coming out and sharing their experiences.

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  1. I guess you know I am proud of my brother Tom. My brothers Tom and Chuck were in WW2. Our Dad was in WW1. Although I was not in combat, I-was in during the Korean War. I have seen some evidence ( not verified) our Great Grandfather was in the Civil war.

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