Asa M. Beeman 1893-1978 – Veteran of the month, August, 2020.

PFC Asa M. Beeman served with the 4th Division, United States Expeditionary force in France during World War I.

Private First Class Asa M. Beeman served with the 4th Division of the United States Army’s Expeditionary Force in France during World War I. He was a combat messenger in the Signal Corps and was wounded in the shoulder in 1917.

He was born April 30, 1893 and raised in Gering, Nebraska and later married his wife, Norma. His occupation was a mail carrier with the United States Post Office. He died February 7, 1978.

Asa and Norma Beeman had 4 Children, one of which was his son, Richard Beeman who later moved to the Daytona Beach area in retirement. Richard, a Navy veteran himself was kind enough to provide us with this picture as well as information about his father.

The 4th United States Army Division was organized, trained, brought overseas to fight in the final great offensives of the World War and which saw the signing of the Armistice all within a period of 11 months. It was a feat not paralleled in the history of our Army. This achievement was made possible only because, earlier in its career, officers and men alike became imbued with a high sense of loyalty to their division and to each other.

The promise of America had been fulfilled. She had entered the great war for no selfish purpose but in defense of her own liberty and civilization. In order to decide whether peace and justice should reign in the affairs of men. Whether right or might should rule the destinies of mankind, America had employed “force, force to the utmost, force without stint or limit, the righteous and triumphant force” of a nation proud of its purposes, conscious of its strength, and wholly devoted to the task to which it had set its hand.